​Frequently Asked Questions


What is the CSP?
The Cities Support Programme (CSP) is a demand driven programme that covers a range of support mechanisms to metropolitan municipalities and the broader intergovernmental environment. It works closely across divisions in National Treasury, and with other national departments to ensure a continuous, consistent and focused lens is brought to bear on the challenges posed to, and the opportunities for, urban growth.

Why does National Treasury have a programme to support cities?
National Treasury is concerned with efficiencies of fiscal spend. Its mandate is to ensure that there is ‘value-for-money’ for their spending. The IGR division within National Treasury is well-placed to make this assessment and to provide guidance on how to improve this. It is in this context that CSP does its work with its focused agenda on South African cities. CSP works with national government departments to shift policy in a way that makes it easier for cities to work more efficiently; and at the same time working with cities to ensure economic growth and a reduction in poverty.

Which cities does the CSP work with?
The CSP works with the eight metropolitan municipalities.  You can go to the cities page on this website to access the support provided to each of the municipalities.

Who do I contact if I need to know more about the CSP?
If you need more information on CSP you can go to the contacts page on this website to access our contact details.