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The EU Energy Initiative Partnership Dialogue Facility (EUEI-PDF) just launched its most recent centrepieces of research and knowledge sharing - Future Energy Scenarios for African Cities – Unlocking Opportunities for Climate Responsive Development. This new study analyses the megatrends affecting African cities and explores future energy scenarios and corresponding policy options.
Future Energy Scenarios for African Cities2017-06-09 12:00 AM2017-06-09 12:00 AM

​In spite of the amount of investment in formal affordable housing schemes by governments, private financial institutions and development finance institutions across Africa, there are still millions of citizens who do not have access to affordable formal housing …​

Start from where you are: the case for a community-led affordable housing model2017-05-09 12:00 AM2017-05-09 12:00 AM

"​​The purpose of this report is to assess the extent to which South Africa is meeting its commitments to fighting corruption by applying and implementing the principles and actions set out in the G20 Principles...National Treasury's Municipal Money is evidence of one government department’s commitment to transparency, of how open data can be used as a tool for greater transparency and of a successful partnership between government and a civic tech organisation that shares the department’s commitment.​"  Source: Open Data and the fight against corruption in South Africa

Open Data and the fight against corruption in South Africa2017-05-09 12:00 AM2017-05-09 12:00 AM

​The Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa commissioned this case study, which considered various examples of how infrastructure for housing projects is financed across Sub-Saharan Africa, in order to contribute to the growing track record of novel solutions and initiatives, pioneered by policy makers, financiers, developers and households themselves that suggest that there are new opportunities for making the housing finance sector work for the poor in Africa... read more​

Financing infrastructure for housing developments2016-07-26 12:00 AM2016-09-16 12:00 AM

​According to Saskia Sassen, Professor of Sociology at Columbia University "Cities are the spaces where those without power get to make a history and a culture, thereby making their powerlessness complex. If the current large-scale buying continues, we will lose this type of making that has given our cities their cosmopolitanism"... read more​  ​

Who owns our cities –and why this urban takeover should concern us all2016-07-14 12:00 AM2016-09-16 12:00 AM

​The World Cities Report provides analysis of urban development for the past 20 years  According to the report current forms of urbanisation are unsustainable and reflects on '' new forms of collaboration and cooperation, planning, governance, finance and learning that can sustain positive change."​... read more​

UN Habitat -World Cities Report 2016 – Urbanization and Development: Emerging Futures2016-07-14 12:00 AM2016-07-26 12:00 AM

Ivan Turok: ​"The single-minded focus on boosting the quantity of housing necessitates large amounts of cheap land that is easy to assemble and quick to build upon. […] This will weaken the fundamental basis on which successful cities are built, namely proximity. Above all, cities are economic entities that generate jobs, which is why people migrate to them. Urban prosperity depends on intense interactions between people and firms.​"

Careless, unexamined expansion threatens cities2015-09-28 12:00 AM2015-09-28 12:00 AM

Making of Cities: "South Africa’s National Treasury has been developing new funding instruments to make “spatially targeted” investments into under-developed neighborhoods. In a sense, Treasury has been a leading voice for spatial transformation of South Africa’s highly segregated cities. Treasury and Government partners are now reaching out to private sector more than ever."

Invest in Cities, calls SAcan ministers of Governance and Finance2015-09-28 12:00 AM2015-09-28 12:00 AM By Timothy Carter​

Technology is changing everyday city life, allowing us to instantly adapt to everything from storm threats to traffic jams.

Smart cities: The future of urban infrastructure2015-09-09 12:00 AM2015-09-09 12:00 AM By Bev Mortimer​

Renewable projects globally and locally are showing nuclear the door. A project, which is shrouded in controversy, however still has the backing of government and parastatals like Eskom, despite the costs, risks and timelines. Some argue it could even bankrupt the country. Yet, renewables silently show the way.

New wind farm lights up 50 000 houses2015-09-09 12:00 AM2015-09-09 12:00 AM

By Anna Swanson, ​The Washington Post, 10/08/2015:
If you’ve ever lived in New York, San Francisco, or another major, bustling city, you know that one of the most valuable things in an urban area is space...The images in the article show what 200 people look like, first in 177 cars, then without cars, then on three buses, and finally on bikes... read more

What Cities Would Look Like Without Cars2015-08-19 12:00 AM2015-08-19 12:00 AM

​“We have to rethink concepts of planning,”.
For a planner, a simple problem is a traffic jam. You build a new bridge to alleviate the congestion, and do some follow-up observations to see if it worked. Urbanization today is so much more complicated... read more

Is City Planning Having an Identity Crisis?2015-07-29 12:00 AM2015-07-29 12:00 AM
Financial Mail: By Hilary Joffe, July 02 2015, 07:11
"Cities drive the world’s economy...As local government we need to recognise that the decisions we take on regulation have a direct bearing on the national economy"... read more
Cities and the economy: Heartbeats of growth2015-07-06 12:00 AM2015-07-22 12:00 AM
The "Doing Business" ranking measures how each of the nine largest cities has done on five indicators, which measure how easy it is for a small-or medium-sized firm to get through red tape... read more
Government Encourages Cities to be Growth Engines2015-07-06 12:00 AM2015-07-22 12:00 AM