​​Maximising the Value of Public Real Estate: Catalysing Urban (Re) Development (3-5 November 2014)


The purpose of this training workshop was to assist municipal officials conceptualize and practically apply lessons on the leveraging of private sector investment into their catalytic metropolitan projects. A key output was to facilitate dialogue between city officials and private sector developers/investors. It aimed to specifically focus on how cities could leverage their real estate assets to enable private sector investment in urban core areas and create collaborative partnerships.


Workshop Agenda
Workshop Report


Day 1 

City Presentations
Cape Town
Athlone Power Station
Germiston Urban Renewal
Warwick Junction - Durban
Property Prospectus - Watt Street Interchange
Watt Street Interchange Concept Design
Waaihoek Precinct
Nelson Mandela Bay
Mermaids Precinct
West Capital Development

Speaker Presentations
Bo-Sin Tang - Leveraging Real Estate Values for Urban Development in Hong Kong: Experiences and Lessons
Malijeng Ngqaleni - Catalysing Inclusive Urban Economic Growth
Ivan Turok - Catalysing Urban (Re)Development The South African Context

Day 2

Adelaide Steedley - Centre for Affordable Housing
Rob McGaffin - CSP Workshop - Project Assessment
Sharon Lewis - Newtown Case study 2014
Alice Cabaret - Propertuity - Maboneng Precinct
Francois Viruly - Real Estate Finance
Andrew Brooking - SA Real Estate Capital Markets
Paul Jackson - Trust for Urban Housing Finance
Lael Bethlehem - Urban regeneration in Johannesburg

Day 3

Yusuf Patel - Cosmo City
Valerie Santos - Economic Development Tools for Municipalities
Uwe Brandes - Global Cities and Integrated Urban Strategy
Valerie Santos - Institutional Models for Local Economic Development
Alan Dinnie - Leveraging Social and Economic Benefits on Public Land
Will Bautista - Private and Public Sector Partenering