Innovation in Public Employment Programs in Cities (18 May 2017)

With employment creation remaining such a high national priority, what instruments and tools do cities have to take Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) to a new level? How can the work undertaken through public employment best support and align with other social and economic priorities in the urban space? What types of work will attract target constituencies such as youth – and open doors for them beyond the employment period? 

This workshop explored these questions and more, with a focus on innovation in the types of work undertaken and on strengthening the social and economic impacts of EPWP. It is anticipated that some of the new ideas from local and international examples may be incorporated into the planning of Incentive Grant projects. Through the Cities Support Programme, follow-up support will also be provided to those cities that want to apply innovative approaches in their project selection and design.


PEPIP Workshop 1 Comms


1. Kate Philip - PEPIP

2. Harambee - Knowledge workers

3. SmartStart - Early childhood learning

4. Shirley Robinson - City PEP presentation

5. Kate Philip - PEPIP criteria