​​​Workshop on Scaling Up Informal Settlement Upgrading (9-10 May 2016)

Cities are core drivers of development. In South Africa, the eight Metros are home to the majority of people, jobs, and economic activity in the country. Therefore, ensuring the just and efficient functioning of the Metros is critical not only for urban development, but for the long term development of the country. The aim of the City Support Programme (CSP) is to offer tailored support to the eight Metros. From the CSP perspective, this support is linked to and articulated in the Built Environment Performance Plan (BEPP). The support from CSP is to be provided with and through key sector Departments, stakeholders and programmes that support municipalities. Informal Settlement Upgrading is one of the support areas of the CSP. It is largely recognised that the dominate approach to housing delivery is working against the strengthening of urban areas. Not only is the current approach unable to address the mounting backlog, but it perpetuates spatial sprawl, the burden of which falls heavily on local governments and the urban poor. The purpose of this document is to undertake a rapid review of the innovations and good practices which align with the principles of ‘good upgrading’ outlined in international literature, in particular, those which embrace principles of participation, in situ development, and incrementalism. It is hoped that the findings from this rapid review will spark discussion, inspiration, and the desire to find consensus as to what constitutes good practice and how to overcome obstacles to upscaling by Metros in South Africa.

Executive Summary (62 KB)


World Bank - Innovation in Upgrading Practice: A Scoping Study, South African Practices and the Potential to Scale Up Delivery (575 KB)
Scaling Up Urban Upgrading Informal Settlements as Part of the Cities Support Programme (152 KB)