Executive Leadership Programme: Leading Future Cities - Navigating Today's Complexity (9 April 2018 - 13 April 2018)



Executive Leadership Cou​rse on Accelerating City Transformation for Inclusion, Growth & Sustainability (27 February 2017 - 03 March 2017)

The ELP on Accelerating City Transformation for Inclusion, Growth and Sustainability continues to improve on the high standard of our previous programmes providing a week long immersive learning event that builds both on the leadership capabilities and technical knowledge in your cities. We are excited by the opportunity to bring the new leadership teams, across our cities, into a common understanding of the urban challenge facing them, and engage on some of the programmatic responses, in a manner that strengthens the political-administrative interface in individual cites and builds a sense of community across leadership of our eight (8) metros.​​​​

Executive Leadership Cou​rse on City Economic Development Strategy and Practice (8 - 13 November 2015)

The course on City Economic Development was the third in the series of Executive Leadership Courses, held between Sunday 9th and Friday 13th November 2015.  The focus was on city economic development strategies and practice with the purpose of building a greater understanding of the limits and possibilities of city-level economic action among the political leaderships and senior management of city governments; imp​roving the sense of personal agency and responsibility among city leaderships, especially in respect of city economic development; and increasing the city voice in national policy debates and action.​​​​

Executive Leadership Course on Public Transport for Spatial Transformation (4 - 8 November 2013) 

The course aims to highlight the potential of transport as a transformative tool in cities transforming the way cities think about both land use and citizen mobility. It seeks to enable metropolitan political and administrative leaders to get to grips with current challenges, learn techniques and tools, and be inspired to lead and implement change in urban mobility and land use management so as to connect, integrate and transform our cities into more inclusive, productive and sustainable cities.

Executive Leadership Course on Building Globally Competitive Cities (2 - 9 March 2012)

Our cities are critical engines of economic growth and development. However they have a number of challenges from repairing the damage of apartheid to addressing current challenges of supporting growth and attacking poverty.  Cities therefore require dynamic and visionary leadership that is able to meet these challenges.​​​