​​Executive Leadership Course on Building Globally Competitive Cities (2 - 9 March 2012)

Our cities are critical engines of economic growth and development. However they have a number of challenges from repairing the damage of apartheid to addressing current challenges of supporting growth and attacking poverty.  Cities therefore require dynamic and visionary leadership that is able to meet these challenges.
This Executive Leadership Course was designed to provide an opportunity for senior political and management teams in the metropolitan municipalities to reflect on the challenges facing them and to develop a workable programme to achieve rapid improvements in city performance.   The course is led by top local and international experts in the fields of city reform, strategy, finance, planning, housing, transport and infrastructure.

Day 1 - Friday

Welcome Presentation
Khulekani Mathe - The Economics of Cities and Spatial Planning Challenges (2320 KB)
Kenneth Brown - Budget 2012 and Cities (214 KB)
Ivan Turok - State of Our Cities (5848 KB)
Enrique Penalosa - A More Socially Just and Prosperous City (42390 KB)

Day 2 - Saturday

Tebogo Skwambane - Monitor Group City Strategy Takeaway Frameworks (170 KB)
Linda Kantor - The Self as an Agent of Change (3192 KB)

Day 3 - Sunday

Summary of key messages (2013 KB)
Osewe, Mogeni & Balera - Results Based Management and Rapid Results Approach (588 KB)
Closing first part of course (294 KB)

Day 4 - Monday

Johann Metler - Msunduzi Case Study (241 KB)
Carl Stroud - Financial Statements (601 KB)
Roland Hunter - Financial Past Financial Future (1290 KB)
Patrick Osewe - RBM and RRA Overview (464 KB)
Malijeng Ngqaleni - Cities Support Programme (159 KB)
Cities Worksheet - Financial Strategy Development (850 KB)

Day 5 - Tuesday

Dan Smit - Implementing Spatial Change (4169 KB)
Phil Harrison -  Accelerating Spatial Transformation (4300 KB)
Edgar Pieterse - Achieving Rapid Change in Spatial Form (2904 KB)
Ed Campos -  The Challenge of Change (215 KB)
Verzosa, Lambino, GTL Team, World Bank - Network Mapping (563 KB)

Day 6 - Wednesday

Ulrike Rwida - Housing and Human Settlements in South Africa (410 KB)
S Topham, NUSP - Informal Settlement Upgrading (2450 KB)
O Crofton, HDA - Reform is Possible (3020 KB)
A Vawda, Presidency - Altering Path Dependency (48 KB)
C Verzosa, World Bank - Joint Problem Solving (212 KB)
Tiaan Ehlers, CoJ - Regularization Happy Valley (2234 KB)
Discussion Questions (41 KB)
Negotiation (85 KB)

Day 7 - Thursday

Sarah Meny Gilbert PARI - Leadership, Reform, Sustainability: Lessons for Public Sector Reform (193 KB)
C Versoza, Word Bank - Strategic Communication (236 KB)
Thursday Briefing (294 KB)
RRA Case of Durban (110 KB)

Course Readings

Dr R Eberhard - Accelerating the Reshaping of South Africa's Apartheid Cities for Greater economic Efficiency, Environmental Sustainability and Social Cohesion (100 KB)
CSP - Cities Support Programme - Framework Document Final Draft (2096 KB)
Paul Gibbons - The Body of a Leader (241 KB)
David Hausman - Reforming Without Hiring or Firing: Identity Documents Production SA Princeton Report (674 KB)
Helen Garcia - Case Study Metro Sarangaya's Water Reform (770 KB)
Schwartz, Gaito & Lennick - That's the Way We (Used to) Do Things Around Here (831 KB)
Prof I Turok - The Three Pillars of Sustainable Human Settlements (452 KB)
Heifetz & Laurie -  The Work of Leadership (265 KB)
UCT - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (1601 KB)