​​Executive Course Leadership in Public Transport for Spatial Transformation (4 - 8 November 2013)


The course aims to highlight the potential of transport as a transformative tool in cities transforming the way cities think about both land use and citizen mobility. It seeks to enable metropolitan political and administrative leaders to get to grips with current challenges, learn techniques and tools, and be inspired to lead and implement change in urban mobility and land use management so as to connect, integrate and transform our cities into more inclusive, productive and sustainable cities.

Boulle, Timm, Schmidt, Yako - Report on Outcomes of the CSP Course on Leadership in Public Transport for Spatial Transformation (286 KB)


Day 1

Leadership in Public Transport for Spatial Transformation (10061 KB)
Malijeng Ngqaleni - Cities Support Programme (852 KB)
Prof. Harry Dimitriou - Global and Local Responses to Development and Implementation of Sustainable Urban Transport Systems in Developing Cities: An International Perspective (3332 KB)
Romano Del Mistro - Public Transport as a Tool for Addressing the Urban Access Challenge in South Africa: Lessons and Issues (1060 KB)
Prof. Harry Dimitriou - Decision-Making in the Planning, Appraisal and Delivery of Mega Transport Projects: 'Success' as a Moving Target (3816 KB)
Prof. Harry Dimitriou - OMEGA Centre Case Studies - Transport Internationally (5251 KB)

Day 2

Overview and Day 1 Recap (8266 KB)
H Pienaar - Integrated Corridor Planning and Budgeting (21688 KB)
Prof H Dimitriou - Global Lessons for Leveraging Public Transport Investments for Sustainable Urban Transport Systems in Developing Cities (5266 KB)
M T Diniz - Understanding Value Capture Tools in Sao Paulo (11716 KB)
The Introduction of BRT Systems Managing the Industry Transition Process (16 KB)

Day 3
Day 3 Presentations: Overview (327 KB)
D Schmidt - Transport for Cape Town: Leadership in Public Transport for Spatial Transformation: Overview of Transport Challenges and Routes (1926 KB)
T Manyathi - Institutional Arrangements and Lessons (602 KB)
Melissa Whitehead - Toward Innovated, Integrated Transport Solutions in the City of Cape Town (879 KB)

Day 4
Ted Talks
 - C Snyman - SANEDI Vehicle Innovations (4345 KB)
 - A vd Merwe - Green Transport Innovations (310 KB)
 - J Coetzee - Go Metro App (593 KB)

Day 4 Presentations: Overview (271 KB)
R Hunter - Fiscal Pressures: Can We Affor Our City Governments (5145 KB)
P van Ryneveld - Public Transport Financial Challenges (555 KB)
D van Niekerk - The Urban Networks Strategy: Do More With Less (3597 KB)
R McGaffin - An Overview of Value-Capture Resulting from Transport Infrastructure (2295 KB)
B Makalima-Ngewana - A Journey in Placemaking: Collaborative Partnerships for Urban Transformation (4397 KB)

Day 5
Buffalo City Final Presentation (2179 KB)
Cape Town Public Transport Final Presentation (2229 KB)
City of Johannesburg Final Presentation (521 KB)
Ekurhuleni Concept: Rea Vaya Phase 1 C (621 KB)
Ekurhuleni Final Presentation (2040 KB)
Ethekwini Final Presentation (1581 KB)
Mangaung Final Presentation (5788 KB)
Nelson Mandela Bay Final Presentation (3432 KB)
Rustenburg Final Presentation (1496 KB)
Tshwane Final Presentation (8497 KB)