Executive Leadership Course on City Economic Development Strategy and Practice (8 - 13 November 2015) 


​The course on City Economic Development was the third in the series of Executive Leadership Courses, held between Sunday 9th and Friday 13th November 2015.  The focus was on city economic development strategies and practice with the purpose of building a greater understanding of the limits and possibilities of city-level economic action among the political leaderships and senior management of city governments; improving the sense of personal agency and responsibility among city leaderships, especially in respect of city economic development; and increasing the city voice in national policy debates and action.
The following specific learning objectives of the course were achieved: 
(a) Learning from comparable international cases and from other SA cities;
(b) Improving the list of economic development questions which city leadership should ask;
(c) Developing some answers and improved knowledge on specific technical areas of economic development;
(d) Increasing city government awareness of the need to develop and refine their existing city economic development strategies; and
(e) Making a start on developing and refining city economic development strategies

ELC Detailed Storyline (876 KB)


A Boraine - Partnering for Devlopment (2740 KB)
A Kilroy - Infographic (197 KB)
A Kilroy - Successful City Economies (9154 KB)
G Karuri-Sebina - Levers (2816 KB)
K Gordhan - Project Ideas (431 KB)
N Binedell - Leadership (6816 KB)
A Verachia - Growth and Employment Drivers (1590 KB)
B Komani - Tourism (1483 KB)
I James - ICT (303 KB)
M Msimang - Home Affairs Case Study (709 KB)
R Hunter - Unpacking SNDB (1086 KB)
R Whyte - Investment Promotion (2762 KB)
B Scheuermaier - Zones (1456 KB)
K Philip - Public Employment Programmes (1848 KB)
M Sonday - Township Economic Development (891 KB)
T Campbell - Employment (2921 KB)


L Fuzile - Context (778 KB)

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