​​​Doing Business SA - City Peer Learning Events


In 2016 National Treasury CSP and the World Bank/IFC hosted 3 Peer Learning Events in the Doing Business indicators where Cities have greatest responsibility – Dealing with Construction Permits (6 May), Getting Electricity (5 may) & Registering Property (24 August).

The aim of the Doing Business SA City Peer Learning Events is to encourage knowledge sharing between Cities about local best practice in business regulatory processes. The goal here is to shift the administrative mind-shift within Cities away (as perceived by investors) from “Inhibiter to Development” to “Enabler of Development in a way that makes it easier for firms to do business in city space. 

It is this shift in mind-set that will induce Cities to improve their local business climates, as well as to provide opportunities for Cities to lobby national government for nationwide reforms that push the agenda for the country as a whole.


(a) Getting electricity (held on 5th May 2016)

(b) Dealing with constructions permits (held on 6th May 2016)​