​​​DFI Day (Development Finance Institutions) - (7th March 2018)



DFI Day’  on the 7th March 2018 builds on the success  of the Urban Investment Partnership Conference held in August 2015, that launched the Borrowing Policy update and led to the formation of the Urban Finance Working Group.  The purpose of  ‘DFI Day’ is to highlight and clarify the role DFIs can play in supporting the development and functioning of the municipal debt market and preparing and executing municipal investment programmes that support inclusive economic growth. The event  provides a platform for ongoing interaction between the DFIs, Metro municipalities and private sector funders.


Proposed Agenda-3

DFI Day Briefingnote
Main NT Presentation DFI Day
DRAFT Municipal Borrowing Policy Framework update 30 Dec 2017
Municipal Borrowing Bulletin Issue 7 December 2017
Speed dating proceedings DFI day

BCMM - DFI Day Presentation
City of Cape Town DFI Day Presentation
City of Johannesburg DFI Day Presentation
Ekurhuleni DFI Day - CoE Wastewater Reclamation
EThekwini DFI Day Presentation
Mangaung DFI Day Presentation
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