​​Conferen​ces and Workshops

Streamlining Reporting Reforms: Joint Sector and Cities Workshop 23-24 August 2017

The objectives of the joint sector cities workshop is to facilitate consensus between National Departments and cities regarding the streamlined set of indicators that cities will report on. The indicators discussed during the workshops relate to environment and waste; water and sanitation; roads and transport; energy and electricity; housing and community facilities; and governance.  

Please note that the indicators uploaded are still draft and not yet finalised.

Workshop on Affordable Housing Markets and Demand Side Subsidies (12 May 2016)

Sub-Saharan Africa faces a major housing challenge related to rapid urbanization and new urban household formation. Formal housing construction has not kept up with urban growth, resulting in deteriorating conditions of the existing housing stock and a growth in informal settlements. In order to scale up new formal construction, housing finance systems need t​o expand and innovate urgently. This course provides senior policy makers and private sector housing finance officials with the analytical tools to assess the housing finance systems, particularly for the middle and lower income segments.

Accelerating the Preparation and Implementation of Catalytic Urban Redevelopment Projects: Institutional and Financial Tools (7 - 9 March 2016)

This interactive technical workshop was aimed at enhancing city decision-makers’ knowledge and technical capacity to implement a range of institutional and financing tools for catalytic urban land development projects.

Urban Investment Partnership Conference (27 - 28 August 2015)

The National Treasury and the Department of Co-operative Governance in collaboration with the Development Bank of Southern Africa will co-host the Urban Investment Partnership Conference on the 27 - 28 August 2015 at Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg. The Conference will bring together senior officials from cities, national departments and investors to lay a foundation for deeper partnerships for inclusive urban growth. 

Parliamentary Standing Committee on Appropriations (SCOA) (21 July 2015)

On the 21 July 2015 the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Appropriations (SCOA) visited National Treasury in order to gain greater insight into some of the projects currently underway within the CSP. 

Workshop on Scaling Up Informal Settlement Upgrading

Cities are core drivers of development. In South Africa, the eight Metros are home to the majority of people, jobs, and economic activity in the country. Therefore, ensuring the just and efficient functioning of the Metros is critical not only for urban development, but for the long term development of the country.