​​​Accelerating the Preparation and Implementation of Catalytic Urban Redevelopment Projects: Institutional and Financial Tools (7 - 9 March 2016)


This interactive technical workshop was aimed at enhancing city decision-makers’ knowledge and technical capacity to implement a range of institutional and financing tools for catalytic urban land development projects. The training was designed to provide a conceptual and practical overview of

(a) the real estate market, capital market and land economy drivers behind this process 

(b) how cities can promote private investment in the urban core;); and

(c) global best practices in development processes, partnering and financing to help cities understand and effectively intervene in these processes. Structured as a “working retreat,” the workshop combined lectures, expert panel discussions and facilitated strategy sessions among participants for Metros to refine and further develop their policy and financing tools for a representative project or redevelopment initiative in their city. 

As such, this event sought to advance both individual’s knowledge and team-based project strategy in a series of dynamic interactive sessions facilitated by subject matter specialists.

Summary: Accelerating the Preparation and Implementation of Catalytic Urban Redevelopment Projects: Institutional and Financial Tools (246 KB)

Day 1
Andrew Booking - SA Real Estate Capital Markets (360 KB)
Francois Viruly - CSP Project Cycle Workshop Introduction (1885 KB)
Illana Melzer - Housing Demand (4119 KB)
Michael Deighton - World Bank (11413 KB)
Myles Kritzinger - IHS Fund Initiatives (3117 KB)
Ndumiso Davidson - SP Catalytic Developments (7823 KB)
Paul Jackson - National Treasury Cities Support Programme (24061 KB)
Stan Wall - HRA Managing Project Impacts (30171 KB)
Zandile Makhoba - Basic Real Estate Economics (3031 KB)

Day 2
Leila McKenna - Partnering for Delivery (2644 KB)
Valerie Santos - International Case Studies for SA (16589 KB)
Victoria Johnson - World Bank Municipal Law Presentation (365 KB)

Day 3
Alan Dinnie - Public Land as a Source of Finance (8942 KB)
Clement Mulamba - CSP Presentation - National Development Charges Policy Framework (914 KB)
Jonathan Williams - Leveraging Strategic Real Estate to Achieve Maximum Economic and Social Impact (2090 KB)
Krish Kumar - Funding Catalytic Projects (2667 KB)
Pippa Reyburn - TIF Presentation Regulatory Issues (340 KB)
Valerie Santos - Overview of Common Land Value Capture Tools for SA (10935 KB)


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