Catalytic Urban Re-Development Programme Workshops


Catalytic Urban (re) Development Programmes and Projects: Opportunities for New Partnerships, Innovative Financing and Improved Preparation for Implementation (24 July 2017 - 26 July 2017)

The objective of this interactive workshop was to enhance city decision-makers’ knowledge and technical capacity to conceptualize and implement catalytic urban land development programmes and projects. This workshop explicitly presented topics which are relevant to progressing catalytic land (re)development programmes and projects which are being planned in the metropolitan municipalities, and which are highlighted in the Built Environment Performance Plans for the metros. The training was designed around 3 thematic areas in the Catalytic Land Development Preparation Phase, namely:

  1. Catalytic Programme Inception and Concept stages;

  2. Catalytic Programme Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility stages; and the

  3. Catalytic Programme Preparation Finalization Stage

This interactive technical workshop was aimed at enhancing city decision-makers’ knowledge and technical capacity to implement a range of institutional and financing tools for catalytic urban land development projects. The training was designed to provide a conceptual and practical overview of

(a) the real estate market, capital market and land economy drivers behind this process

(b) how cities can promote private investment in the urban core;); and

(c) global best practices in development processes, partnering and financing to help cities understand and effectively intervene in these processes. Structured as a “working retreat,” the workshop combined lectures, expert panel discussions and facilitated strategy sessions among participants for Metros to refine and further develop their policy and financing tools for a representative project or redevelopment initiative in their city.

As such, this event sought to advance both individual’s knowledge and team-based project strategy in a series of dynamic interactive sessions facilitated by subject matter specialists.

​​Maximising the Value of Public Real Estate: Catalysing Urban (Re) Development (3-5 November 2014)

The purpose of this training workshop was to assist municipal officials conceptualize and practically apply lessons on the leveraging of private sector investment into their catalytic metropolitan projects. A key output was to facilitate dialogue between city officials and private sector developers/investors. It aimed to specifically focus on how cities could leverage their real estate assets to enable private sector investment in urban core areas and create collaborative partnerships.