​Workshop on City Infrastructure Delivery and Management System (CIDMS) (9 - 10 June 2016)​


In order to address the problems of inadequate capital expenditure and insufficient attention to asset management, a City Infrastructure Delivery and Management System (CIDMS) has been  developed,  building  on  the  established  Infrastructure  Delivery  Management  System (IDMS) for provincial infrastructure. The CIDMS toolkit assists cities to optimise performance right  across  the  urban  infrastructure  value  chain  by  offering  best  practice  processes, techniques  and  tools  specifically  designed  to  achieve  city strategic  objectives  and  desired outcomes  related  to  the built environment. Consultation  was  held  with  key  stakeholders  on all 12 modules and the proposed implementation strategy.


Workshop Agenda


CIDMS Toolkit Module 1 and 2 Introduction and Asset Management System
CIDMS Toolkit Module 3 Asset Data Model and Infrastructure Profiling
CIDMS Toolkit Module 4 Levels of Service and Customer Profiling
CIDMS Toolkit Module 5 Future Demand
CIDMS Toolkit Module 6 Lifecycle Planning
CIDMS Toolkit Module 7 Asset Management Plans
CIDMS Toolkit Module 8 Investment Appraisal and Capital Budget Prioritisation
CIDMS Toolkit Module 9 Programme and Project Management
CIDMS Toolkit Module 10 Construction Procurement Strategy
CIDMS Toolkit Module 11 Project Management
CIDMS Toolkit Module 12 AM Enablers