​​Component: Human Settlements

The objective of the Human Settlements Support component is to support cities to ensure the availability of affordable accommodation at scale for all their residents, within more inclusionary, integrated and efficient human settlements. This requires cities to effectively consolidate their new human settlements management functions and to support the expansion of an affordable, efficient and inclusionary urban property market. It will contribute to a more inclusive and diverse city through:

a. Creating an enabling environment through property markets & land which focuses on better understanding property markets as a driver of economic growth; 
b. Providing cities with implementation support for upgrading of informal settlements
c. Improving the performance of fiscal instruments by focusing on rental housing options, grants and subsidies, incentivising the private sector to increase participation in affordable housing in better-located areas, and piloting demand side subsidy instruments.
d. Land availability support to facilitate the release of strategic public land and review the regulatory environment for land use management 

​Sub-Component: Human Settlements Finance

Pilot Demand Side Subsidy Instruments

Sub-Component: ​Planning Support​


​​Sub-Component: ​Scaling up Upgrading​

Scaling Up Upgrading