Project name: Scaling Up Upgrading

Component / Sub-Component: Human Settlements / Scaling up Upgrading

Outcome to which this project contributes: Revised city plans or programmes > Inclusive city

Project description: This project targets the following aspects of upgrading: (i) planning and engineering; (ii) community engagement; and is complemented through learning from pilot projects. The results./outcomes of these focus areas will be tested in a series of stakeholder workshops.

Project start: January 2016​

Child Projects:

CPT Informal Settlement Upgrading

EKU Informal Settlement Upgrading

ETK Informal Settlement Upgrading​​

Conference and Workshops:
​​Workshop on Scaling Up Informal Settlement Upgrading (9 - 10 May 2016)
Informal Settlements Upgrading Workshop (4 - 5 December 2017)


Scaling Up Upgrading Toolkit

Upgrading Resource Library Index

Upgrading Resource Library

CSP Upgrading Scaling Up Scoping Report