Project name: City public employment innovation

Component / Sub-Component: Economic Development / City Support

Outcome to which this project contributes: Revised city plans or programmes > Productive city

Project description: This project will be undertaken in phases. Phase 1 (2016/17): Review the way that current incentive grants and other funding sources are being used to support public employment by city governments; review the scale and scope of public employment schemes that city governments are implementing; host a substantial (two day) workshop for city governments informed to present this data and suggest ways in which cities could make greater and more productive use of the funds available.

Phase 2 (2017/18): Support four city governments who seek to make greater and more innovative use of the funds available; host a 2nd (one day) workshop to review the results of the innovations applied; produce a learning product for use by other city governments and municipalities generally.

Project start: July 2016

Child Projects:


Workshop 18 May 2017