Project name: City investment promotion

Component / Sub-Component: Economic Development / City Support

Outcome to which this project contributes: Revised city plans or programmes > Productive city

Project description: For this project Metros will be selected on the basis of their demand for this support, and their capacity to effectively absorb it. The first step for selected metros is to conduct an intensive scoping visit to develop proposals for specific support programmes. Based on work done to date, such programmes could include (a) structured workshops with key stakeholders to generate common city focus on specific sectors, prioritization and operational approach to investors; (b) sharing international best practise investment promotion agency experiences and lessons, to extract relevant learning and knowledge to apply locally; (c) collaborative / participatory development of a comprehensive investment strategy; (d) if appropriate, assistance to establish and resource a professional, focused, and well-resourced investment promotion entity; (e) investment process mapping and review of existing investors, to improve the investor experience; (f) assistance to establish a establish a structured aftercare program. Once progress has been achieved on the individual metro investment promotion activities, multi-city workshops will be held to share the experiences gained. Learning products will also be produced.

Project start: April 2016


Investment Climate Reforms

Investment Promotion Strategy

Investor Facilitation