​Project name: Urbanisation review

Component / Sub-Component: Economic Development / Enabling Environment

Outcome to which this project contributes: Policy notes and memos > Productive city

Project description: This project involves research, analysis and policy engagements on (a) drivers of household decisions of where to live (including proximity to jobs, better amenities and access to services). (b) drivers of firm / business location decisions; (c) evolution of spatial organization within cities and the cost associated with spatial distortion in the urban economy; (d) land market; ( e ) output market; (f) city -specific calculation of welfare cost of job-housing-transport disconnects; (g) bigger picture view of urban finances; (h) special economic zones; (i) housing policies (j) metro-scale integration of transportation and logistics, land use, housing, and economic policy; (k) revenue and expenditure patterns and the long-term fiscal sustainability of urban services and finances.

Project start: January 2016

Urbanization Review Papers