​Project name: Subnational Cost of Doing Business

Component / Sub-Component: Economic Development / City Support

Outcome to which this project contributes: Policy notes and memos > Productive city

Project description: This project currently involves work on (i) Construction Permits (CP): (a) Peer learning event (b) Joint programme of "as is" and "to be" process mapping in 5 cities (c) Per-city work in complementary additional reforms to improve the CP process; (d) development of proposal for common national CP platform for all cities. (ii) Getting Electricity (GE): (a) Peer learning event (b) Work with four cities to develop detailed action plans and timeline for implementation. (iii) Registering Property (RP): (a) Peer learning event (b) Work with cities on developing detailed action plans and timeline for implementation. (iv) National Liaison (a) work with NT IMC team and dti to encourage parallel national reform initiatives. (v) Preparation for the Second survey (a) manage survey process (b) launch second Doing Business report.

Project start: November 2015

Child Projects: ​None

Project document links:

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