​​​Component: Core City Governance

The objective of this component is to support city governments to effectively and efficiently design and implement a programme of urban spatial transformation, based on the Urban Networks Strategy. The focus of this component is on strengthening the core transversal aspects of city management that are critical to the development of inclusive, productive and sustainable cities. This emphasis on cross-cutting programmes is designed to support and leverage outputs in other programme components (human settlements, transport, climate resilience and economic development) towards the desired CSP outcomes. This component is thus the key instrument through which activities are integrated, and cross-cutting capacity constraints addressed. 

The Core City Governance Component has four sub-components:

Sub-Component: Vision and leadership

Executive Leadership Courses

Leadership Development & Transversal Management

Citizen Engagement

Strategic Development Reviews & Strategies​

Integrity Strategies & Systems

​Sub-Component: Planning and Reporting Reforms

Reporting Reforms​

Planning Reforms

Tools for Spatial Planning​

Sub-Component: Infrastructure Finance Reform

Land Development Transaction Support (catalytic projects)

​​Sub-Component: ​Infrastructure Delivery

​Social & Environmental Management Regulatory Reforms for Infrastructure Delivery

Cities IDMS Toolkit, Strategy & Implementation Platform Development​