Project name: Integrity Strategies & Systems

Component / Sub-Component: Core City Governance / Vision and Leadership

Outcome to which this project contributes: Revised city plans or programmes > Well governed city

Project description: This project explores definitions of corruption (e.g. in terms of irregularities, non-compliance, criminal offences, etc.) and sources of people's perceptions on corruption levels (e.g. from stereotypes, personal experiences and/or media reports that are sometimes skewed). It aims to strengthen the efficacy and coordination among existing counter-corruption bodies and strategies within cities and provide cities with alternatives or other innovative counter-corruption practices proven successful elsewhere (especially those that target transactions, environment and structures) and, if applicable, experiment with those alternatives in selected cities. It will also assist to improve M&E and information collection on corruption, contribute to dialogue and proposals on potential counter-corruption policy shifts at national and local level and contribute to building the capacities of counter-corruption bodies.​

Project start: June 2013

Child projects: