​Project name: Cities IDMS Toolkit, Strategy & Implementation Platform Development

Component / Sub-Component: Core City Governance / Infrastructure Delivery

Outcome to which this project contributes: Revised city plans or programmes > Well governed city

Project description: CIDMS aims to deliver guidelines and an implementation strategy designed to assist cities to sustainably and visibly increase their spending on infrastructure delivery in support of enhanced cities' functioning and efficiencies, and therefore accelerated economic growth, as well as social upliftment and cohesion through the production of serviced land, housing and complimentary municipal public amenities. The guidelines will also establish a foundation for robust management of infrastructure across lifecycles and asset portfolios. The CIDMS guidelines will build on work done in the provincial sphere of government through the IDIP Programme and the Infrastructure Delivery and Management (IDM) toolkit developed as part of that programme, but tailored for the specific needs of cities, and with city involvement.

Project start: June 2014​​

CIDMS portal

Conference and Workshops:

Workshop on City Infrastructure Delivery and Management System (CIDMS) (9 - 10 June 2016)​