Project name: Municipal Infrastructure Finance Support

Component / Sub-Component: Core City Governance / Infrastructure Finance Reform

Outcome to which this project contributes: Revised city plans or programmes > Well governed city

Project description: This project supports cities to more effectively access and utilize available sources of infrastructure finance through reviewing the policy framework, strengthening NT capacity and ensuring improved reporting and monitoring. These activities focus on:

i) The review and reform of the Municipal Borrowing Policy Framework: This review is being conducted in predefined policy areas, and reviewed by the Urban Finance Working Group (UFWG). Policy papers will be developed for discussion at the UFGW on quarterly basis, as well as subject to internal seminars in NT.

ii) The improvement and release of the Quarterly Municipal Borrowing Report.

iii) Three seminars and policy notes on aspects of infrastructure finance

This project will also assist cities to develop a long term financial strategy and policy for infrastructure financing. It will develop an integrated financing model, accounting for current and projected financing position (cash flow-based), investment needs (asset and demand based) and spatial location (BEPP priorities) in order to identify tangible policy choices facing a city. The model will be used as and input to a city municipal infrastructure finance policy statement, providing specific commitments (including bylaws where appropriate) and long term plans for the investment community, alongside a statement of proposed financial partnerships (instruments) that will be considered. This is being undertaken in 4 phases, as described in the project charter and sheet. This work is already underway, through pilots in NMB and eThekwini.

Project start: August 2014

Child Project:

​COJ Review of Financial Development Plan

EKU Integrated Infrastructure Masterplan

NMB Financial Planning Support​​


Project Document Links:

​Municipal Borrowing Bulletin​

Conferences and Workshops:
Urban Investment Partnership Conference (27 - 28 August 2015)


Borrowing Policy Review

LT Financial Strategies