eThekwini has made significant progress towards the achievement of Urban Transformation over the past few years.  A cross sectoral Integration Forum has been established and meets each month. The BEPP plays a valuable integration role for the various built environment sector plans and continues to strengthen the link between the SDF and the budget imperatives whilst also assisting the City to better articulate its objectives and vision. A pipeline of catalytic projects has been prioritised and contributes directly to achieving economic growth in an environmentally sustainable way and supporting social inclusion and improved management of the public realm.  The Cities Support Programme assists eThekwini through the Capacity Support Implementation Plan (CSIP) and includes support to the development of a Corporate Plan; funding and financing models and institutional arrangements for catalytic projects; informal settlements upgrading support; and the development of a long term financial strategy. 

Built Environment Performance Plans 

​​eThekwini BEPP 2014/15

eThekwini BEPP 2015/16

eThekwini BEPP 2016/17​​


eThekwini Corporate Spatial Investment Plan

eThekwini Natural Resource Strategy

eThekwini Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS)

eThekwini Development Applications

​Upscaling Informal Settlements Upgrading​