Mangaung like many of South Africa’s cities is burdened with the legacy of spatial and economic inequality. Its consist of several former black areas including Bostshabelo and Thaba Nchu, spatially dislocated from Bloemfontein, the city economic hub, and having higher concentrations of poverty and unemployment. The city has also over the years seen an urgent need for new build, renewal and rehabilitation of critical infrastructure, especially related to water and sanitation.

The CSP in partnership with the city is working in providing strategic and technical support in key areas to assist in alleviating these problems. Important areas of support are: financing for infrastructure, land development transaction support for catalytic projects; implementing various measures to enhance economic development, technical assistance in public transport, and as well assisting the city in the implementation of its newly mandated responsibilities for land use management under the SPLUMA.

Built Environment Performance Plans

Mangaung BEPP 2014/15
Mangaung BEPP 2015/16

Mangaung BEPP 2016/17


Land Development Transaction Support for Mangaung (catalytic projects)
Mangaung Water and Sanitation Project

Mangaung Pilot Demand Side Subsidy Instruments

Mangaung Review of public transport plans and operations

Human Settlements Support​​