Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality has drafted its Growth and Development Strategy 2055 which articulates five leading strategies: re-urbanising, re-industrialising, re-generating, re-mobilising and re-governing. The CSP support to Ekurhuleni falls within the re-urbanising strategy. It comprises a combination of “generic” and specific support offerings. The generic support refers to what the CSP offers to all cities in the form of leadership courses, workshops, and various reform initiatives. Specific support is focussing on supporting the Tembisa Kempton Park Integration Zone through assisting with improved planning, catalytic project packaging and implementation, investment promotion and institutional reforms including transversal and knowledge management. 

Built Environment Performance Plans

Ekurhuleni Metro BEPP 2014/15
Ekurhuleni Metro BEPP 2015/16

Ekurhuleni Metro BEPP 2016/17​​


Ekurhuleni Investment Promotion​

Support for the Tembisa Corridor's Catalytic Projects (Leralla Node)

Ekurhuleni Integrated Infrastructure Masterplan

Transversal Management for Improved Service Delivery

Knowledge Management Strategy and Implementation Plan 

Ekurhuleni Informal Settlement Upgrading

Review of City IPTS Ekurhuleni ​