​​​Project name: Integrated approach to development planning, monitoring and evaluation

Component / Sub-Component: Programme Management / Strategic Support

Outcome to which this project contributes: Revised city plans or programmes > Well governed city

Project description: This project will involve bringing key role-players together (DP and GSPCR to start with), reviewing the existing M&E framework and system in the context of GDS2040, and refining and translating it into the performance management system.  The GSPCR and Dev planning depts should complement each other in achieving an outcomes based organizational M&E regime, with veritable city-level metrics.  The PMS should be reviewed and re-oriented if required, to make it more responsive and agile to enable and promote transversal outcomes and impact across the city.  Should this project pick up contradictions with the National regulations on performance management, these will be raised with DCOG.  This project  depends on incorporating the results from PM10 and PM11, and taking it a step further into the city wide M&E farmework and KPAs.

Project start: June 2016

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