Project name: Strengthening Policy Delivery in Urban Growth Management

Component / Sub-Component: Core City Governance / Leadership and Governance

Outcome to which this project contributes: Revised city plans or programmes > Well governed city

Project description: This project involves the provision of additional resources to support the development of transversal management capacity in the city. It will focus on (i) the city's Growth Management Plan that is currently under development.  The objective of this activity is to ensure the planning process adequately addresses constraints to policy delivery that have been experienced in the past. In particular, key city plans and strategies have not been adequately costed nor sufficiently aligned with the budget to maximise impact and cost-effectiveness. The over-arching nature of the Growth Management Plan provides an opportunity to strengthen these linkages and ensure effective and timely policy delivery. This will help to strengthen consistency between key City plans and investments in terms of location and timing, and help to avoid ad-hoc decisions and piecemeal projects; and (ii) development of in formal settlements delivery capacity, in conjunction with CPT11.

Project start: December 2014​

Parent Project: Leadership Development & Transversal Management​​​

 Project Files