​Buffalo City

​The Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality faces similar built environment challenges to the other metropolitan municipalities. The City needs to ensure continued service delivery to all its residents and also ensure that the infrastructure investments in the city is able to stimulate growth and attract further investment by business as well as private households.  Spatial transformation of the city is seen as key to driving growth and meeting the needs of its citizens, and the City has worked with the National Treasury to identify the urban network of the city and prioritise areas for investment.

The cities Capacity Support Implementation Plan identified the projects that require CSP support.  The Sleeper Site has been identified as a key catalytic project for the city and work on reviewing the Integrated Public Transport Network for the city is critical to improving public transport and spatially restructuring the city. 

Built Environment Performance Plans


Review of IPTN ​



http://www.buffalocitymetro.gov.za/​ ​